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Improve #1: Improvement vs. Complacency

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Life is defined by the dictionary as a characteristic that distinguishes physical entities that have biological self-sustaining processes, from those that do not. Life means being born, grow, reproduce and keep growing until death. A physical entity that cannot be born, grow, and much less reproduce itself, is either dead or it was never alive.

Aashish Dalal the founder of ParkWhiz said:

I firmly believe the moment you stop learning is the moment you stop living.

I couldn't agree more. If there is life, the next thing is to grow. Living and growing go always together. Living leads to continuous learning and learning leads to continuous improvement. Improvement should be the attitude that motivates us to grow every single day. The lack of a self-improvement philosophy has brought down great people and even kingdoms.

As our title suggests, the next few installments will be dedicated to Improvement but before we study improvement, let's discuss about its opposite: Complacency. That's right, complacency.

What is complacency?

A feeling of uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one's achievements. We can learn about the effects of complacency by seeing what happens individuals, kingdoms and even well-known companies.

KODAK was the most known name in film photography. There were other brands but KODAK was the standard for over a century. As late as 1976, KODAK had 90% of film sales and 85% of camera sales in the U.S. It also invented and patented the first handheld digital camera in 1975, however, in 2012 KODAK filed for bankruptcy protection.

Why? Because of complacency.

Instead of thinking of customer needs, they focused on their own film products. It could have owned the digital industry but became complacent, it stopped improving.

Complacency is the dangerous satisfaction with who we are that stops us from growing. Therefore, complacency is the opposite of improvement.

Are you too satisfied with what you do? Are you too critical of others but not of yourself? Have you lost your motivation to continue growing? What kind of goals do you have about yourself?

Flee from complacency. Complacency kills.

Be encouraged, there is always a better road ahead: "The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied." Proverbs 13:4 Be encouraged, there is always a better road ahead: Choose Improvement, keep running!

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