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Time Mgmt #14: A day more is a day less

If we lose money because we made a bad business decision we can recover it. If someone stole money from us, we always have a chance to recover this loss. Sadly, this does not happen with time. Time is lost forever.

Most humans are more sensitive to losing money than losing time. We live in a day and age that the entertainment industry compels us to watch TV, YouTube, or social media. We are always willing to run to the movies but reluctant to picking up a good self-improvement book. We are always ready to go to a soccer match, but not as inclined to learn another language. We spend so much time on social media relating to people we will never meet and that probably don't care about us, but hesitate about spending time with our real family or real friends.

Someone once said: "Save the excuses. It’s not about “having” time. It’s about making time. If it matters, you will make time."

As our title suggests, "A day more is a day less". Every day and every hour that we waste, we cannot recover it. The more time we waste, the less we will grow.

We don't realize how quickly we waste so much time in so many ways, but we can always change that. There is always an opportunity to make decisions that will help us grow.

A man called Moses was quite old when he wrote Psalm 90. The Bible says that he lived 120 years. We don't know how old he was when he wrote this Psalm but how profound is his prayer as we find in verse 12:

" So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.

He is like saying, "God teach us to keep a close account of our days, so that we can always grow in wisdom"

We become more efficient at work and at home so that we have more time to get better, to keep growing and to help others grow. Life is short, and shorter than we can imagine. Make every day count, by making every hour count.

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