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Time Mgmt #9: Waiting time = Productive time?

From meetings to dentist appointments, it is impossible to prevent waiting for someone or something, however, we don't have to just sit there and twiddle our thumbs while we wait. Smart phones can be time wasting machines or they can serve as a time saving tool. We live in a day and age that allows us to return phone calls, reply to emails, follow up with projects quickly and easily. If your waiting time is literally in the office, go back to your to-do list and outstanding projects or issues and tackle them. Whatever you do, don't stay idle. An idle mind is easily distracted.

Use your time wisely and stay connected by reading important documents, reports, reviewing a spreadsheet, or planing the next engineering project.

Doing something profitable while we wait for a coworker or a client to review our work will increase our productivity and will keep a focused state of mind even when we are away from the office.

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