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Fire Alarm Contractors

Delegating fire alarm estimating and engineering to inexperienced team players may be costly. If a sales person designs and sells a system that does not meet code and minimum requirements, this means more money and delays.

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Permit-ready Shop Drawings

A permit set is a set of shop drawings customized to comply with minimum standards of local ordinances and adopted codes of a local AHJ in order to obtain an installation permit. Permit sets may require a signature and stamp by a Professional Engineer or a NICET certified technician in addition to the installer's license. Permit sets are submitted to the AHJ who reviews the drawings and has the authority to approve or reject. In most locations, permit sets are required for fire alarm and when electrified locking hardware is being installed. 

Our cover sheets include key client and project information, sheet index, code ordinances, general and specific notes pertaining to that project.  Color coded and industry proven symbols for both plan reviewers and technicians

For Fire Alarm drawings, a Sequence of Operations in compliance with NFPA 72 is provided. A matrix that shows the exact relationship between inputs and outputs is prepared with the most stringent fire marshal in mind.

​Floor plans are hand-crafted and AIA compliant. Devices identified and show wiring layout depending on the type of system. Symbols are simple and easy to identify and to proportional scale. Technicians love our floor plans!  

One-line diagrams with device capacity and detailed circuit layout are provided. Riser diagrams are customized to meet the strictest local AHJ requirements, and to facilitate the submittal approval process as well as the installation.

Whether the project is for fire or security, a narrative with key building information, type of system, and a detailed description of the work that will be done is always included.

Per NFPA 72, battery and voltage drop calculations must be included in all fire alarm submittals. Our matrix includes the logical process to prove that the system is capable to perform under standby and alarm conditions. 

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Code Compliance

HelpGate is committed to compliance with all applicable codes and local AHJ local requirements and the highest standards in our industry. 


AHJ Requirement Due Diligence

HelpGate experts engage directly with AHJs all over the country to determine specific system requirements

P.E. or NICET Sign/Seal

Fire Alarm submittals may require design by a registered engineer of record, by a state licensed contractor or by a NICET certified technician. Our team of professional engineers is registered in 44 states and our NICET IV technicians are available for AHJs that require so. 

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(hard copies, digital)

We have the capability to produce deliverables in any format, black & white and color. Make sure to ask about our reproductions service.

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Don’t waste time in traffic picking up copies at the last minute!


Don't wait too long, we are here to help you.

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