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What We Offer

Complete CAD Engineering Solutions

HelpGate offers a complete take-over of your CAD engineering needs. We measure your building, create plans, work with AHJs, produce accurate engineered submittals, plus more. No more submittal related concerns, so your team can focus on sales and installation.  


Individualized Solutions

HelpGate can also provide the specific type of service that that best suits your specific need. We can do the entire scope and partial get to pick what you want.

CAD Engineering Solutions that meet your needs

Whether you need a full-blown CAD Engineering Department, or turnkey, hassle-free, nationwide signed/sealed shop drawings, or partial solutions to make your CAD engineering needs simpler, we can help. See what our solutions can do for you.


Obtaining a permit can be a time-consuming challenge. HelpGate provides hassle-free, code-compliant shop drawings, prepared by industry experts.


Availability of hard or soft copies of old buildings can be a challenge. HelpGate can measure a building to create architectural floor plans.

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The lack of knowledge or understanding of local AHJ requirements is a major reason for non-compliance. HelpGate connects directly with the local AHJ to secure design and submittal compliance for any jurisdiction in the United States.

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Accurate drawings are the key to a successful installation. HelpGate®  offers everything required to guarantee smooth installation as we offer color-coded permit, production, and as-built CAD drawing sets to integrators and consultants. Our conduit risers are of great value to electrical contractors that take care of conduit and raceways. We have a wealth of details for virtually any type of device in the areas of security, fire alarm, and parking.


HelpGate's fire or security specialists can survey an existing building and create markups of existing devices for fire alarm and security systems of any size

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Submittal books contain all written/physical information provided by the responsible contractor to the AHJ. HelpGate creates a user-friendly and customized spec book that contains all equipment, devices, and wire data sheets, duly highlighted for quick referencing. The book includes cover sheet, index, index tabs, and all additional and more specific information required for compliance by the local jurisdiction.

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