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CAD Drafting

Accurate drawings are the key to a successful installation. HelpGate® offers everything required to guarantee smooth installation, as we offer color-coded permit, production, and as-built CAD drawing sets to integrators and consultants. Our conduit risers are of great value to electrical contractors that take care of conduit and raceways. We have a wealth of details for virtually any type of device in the areas of security, fire alarm, and parking.

Basic Drawing Components

1- Cover Sheets

Our cover sheets include color-coded and industry-proven symbols that are easy to find and understand by both plan reviewers and technicians. Depending on the project, we will include a sheet index, code ordinances, and general and specific notes pertaining to that project.

2- General Notes 

We can use your notes or provide project specific installation notes that can be customized for bidding (when working for consultants) or for plan reviewers and installation crews. 

CAD Engineering Solutions that meet your needs

Whether you need a full blown CAD Engineering Department, or turnkey hassle-free nationwide sign/sealed shop drawings, or partial solutions to make your CAD Engineering needs simpler, we can help. See what our solutions can do for you.


Permit-ready Shop Drawings

Hassle-free Shop Drawings prepared by P.E. and NICET experts


A.H.J. Due Diligence

Liaison with AHJ at early stage to ensure 100% submittal compliance


Site Survey

Site surveys to record existing system info to prepare accurate markups


Building Measurement

On site visits to measure a building to create Architectural floor plans


CAD Drafting

CAD Drafting of old Architectural floor plans for various uses


Submittal Book

Submittal books contain all written/physical information provided by the responsible contractor to the AHJ

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Wide-format Reproductions Nationwide

SAME-DAY delivery of B&W and Color reproductions in 130 cities


Don't wait too long. We are here to help you.

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