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It's Christmas time! #1

Yes, it's Christmas time, and we would like to reflect on this for a moment but before that, let's see think of some history facts:

Was Jesus born December 25th?

Not really. Actually, although the Gospels describe all of the events related to the birth of Jesus with much detail, there is no date provided in the Bible. The actual date is unknown.

Why is Christmas celebrated December 25th?

Merely tradition. The first recorded date of Christmas celebrated on December 25th was 336 A.C. while Constantine was the Roman Emperor, but it was not an official festival at this time.

Why would this date be chosen?

Some people also think that December 25th might have also been chosen because the Winter Solstice and the ancient pagan Roman midwinter festivals called 'Saturnalia' and 'Dies Natalis Solis Invicti' took place in December around this date - so it was a time when people already celebrated things. The Romans, the Jews, the Scandinavians and many others dedicated these same days for their pagan festivals.

Yes, that's correct. The weather conditions are almost perfect: the right humidity, and the right temperature and ideal level of precipitation.

What we know as 'Christmas' during the Christian era, had a different name before. Christian religious tradition from the first centuries has kept Christmas during this time, but just know, that the days, and the festivities celebrated before or after the Christian era have nothing to do with the BIRTH OF JESUS as described in the Gospels.

The Gospels don't say anything about trees, Santa Claus, toys, etc. There is nothing in the Bible that says that the birth of Jesus was celebrated that way. We do it because it's a nice family tradition, but the BIRTH OF JESUS is what we must focus on. It was not at this time, and nobody knows, but because the Word of God is true, we believe that He was born. He is the essence of our celebration, nothing else.

You can do everything else, but for the Christian, honoring Him is the most important thing he can do. We may not know the date, but we certainly know that HE WAS BORN! and HE IS KING! and HE DESERVES ALL PRAISE!

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