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Talent at Work (#3): Time is Money

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Now after a long time the master of those servants came and settled accounts with them. (Matthew 25:19a)

In addition to being a true relationship between employer and employee in which we are expected to receive and expected to MULTIPLY what's entrusted to us, a working relationship has an expiration date.

TIME is the allowance between the moment we are given the assignment and the moment we are supposed to present what we have multiplied. Time must be valued, respected, and appreciated as an irretrievable commodity once it has elapsed.

Time is the second valuable asset that is entrusted to us when we receive a talent. Unfortunately, most people fix their eyes on the talent, but forget about time. Most workers DON'T realize the value of time until it's too late.

When we value time, we make special efforts to use it wisely. We can't ever think of multiplying without realizing that time management is a must.

Don't just focus on the task, don't forget that the act of multiplying will have to be completed within time limits. In this parable, the amount of time is not given. Nobody knew how long it would be. Therefore, faithful workers start working right away and keep a time-efficient work pattern with an attitude that presumes that the Master will be back any moment.

Valuing time is as important as the talent itself. A faithful working relationship multiplies what is entrusted as quickly as possible. Don’t wait. The clock is always ticking. Talent multiplication depends on the diligent use of time.

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