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Improve #16: STEP FIVE -Develop Countermeasures

This is the last sub-step of the PLAN phase of the PDCA cycle.

We have pinpointed the problem, broken down the problem, set targets, and proposed root causes. This is quite useful, but it's all talk still. The following step helps us establish tangible countermeasures that we actually DO during the PDCA process. This will prepare us for the next step of problem-solving.

STEP FIVE -Develop Countermeasures

A countermeasure is an action taken to counteract a danger, threat or, in our case, a root cause. Once you’ve established your root causes, you can use this information to figure out the countermeasures needed to eliminate the root causes.

Teams develop countermeasures to remove root causes. We need to have as many countermeasures as root causes. Once we have countermeasures, we need to narrow down to the most practical and effective based on our goals.

The Quality Improvement team should develop as many countermeasures needed to directly address any and all root causes.

Once you’ve developed your countermeasures, you can narrow them down to the most practical and effective based on your target. APPLICATION: Can you assign one or more countermeasures to each one root causes you proposed? Remember that can have more than one countermeasure for each root cause.

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