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Improve #17: STEP SIX - Implement Countermeasures

It's time for action! Now that you have developed your countermeasures and narrowed them down (STEP FIVE), it is time to see them through one by one in a timely manner.

STEP SIX - Implement Countermeasures

This what you do in STEP SIX:

  1. We see countermeasures through a clear detailed plan in a timely manner.

  2. We focus on one countermeasure at a time to effectively monitor them.

  3. We open communication is vital during implementation.

  4. We seek ideas and feedback to see what is and isn't working

Please keep in mind that communication is extremely important in STEP SIX. You’ll want to seek ideas from the team and continue to work back through the PDCA cycle to ensure nothing is being missed along the way.

Consider implementing one countermeasure at a time to monitor the effectiveness of each.

You will certainly make mistakes throughout your problem-solving processes, but your persistence is key, especially in step six. APPLICATION: The PDCA cycle keeps going and we are back to our shoe factory with too many returned shoes. Let's take one probable root cause: Poor quality of raw materials. A question for you: What would be a practical countermeasure to determine if this is a root cause or not? What would you do?

Please use the comments section below.

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