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Time Mgmt #12: Valuing our time

The only people that value time are those that are the busiest and the most purposeful. A person with a lot of time in his/her hands will not value it.

Many people go to work hoping that there will be not much to do during that day. They dread long to-do lists and hope to go home as early as possible so that they can forget about work at least for an evening.

In the contrary, diligent people know that the busier they are, the more chances they have to grow. Busy agendas and increased work expectations are nothing but opportunities to learn to value our time even more. The more responsibilities we have, the more we will value the time we have to do them.

Those that do not want much to do at work and don't like more responsibilities deny to themselves the opportunity to grow. The next time that you are given a more challenging assignment, don't think about the work you have to do but about how you will do it. Focus on the work itself and simply get it done the smartest and most efficient way possible. Value every opportunity and don't be afraid to fail. Take charge.

The unfaithful servant described in the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-28) missed a lifetime opportunity because he didn't value the relationship, he didn't value the task, he didn't value the time that he was given, and because he misjudged his master. Therefore, let's not make the same mistake. Let's value every new assignment, every new task, every new challenge because it could be an opportunity only offered to you once.

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