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Time Mgmt #4: Stop social media distractions

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Many corporate businesses have the no-alcohol policy during business hours. This means that no employees are supposed to drink alcohol even during business events. No-alcohol policies were established because of its impact in the workplace. Many companies don't have the alcohol problem anymore, but there is another problem that could be even more damaging to company productivity: Social media addiction

The rise of social media is leading businesses to more strict policies because of distraction at the workplace.

Personal phone calls, personal texting and social media browsing are leading a typical worker in America to wasting 759 hours each year due to workplace distractions. This means 19 weeks / 5 months of work! If you do the math, people get paid for 12 months when they should be paid for 7. Due to this problem, it has become a norm that employees are getting paid for 5 months that they did not work. This waste is not just unproductive for the company, but it is a form of cheating from employers because every hour wasted in social media has been paid as wages.

Thanks to these distractions, a task that required 1 hour will take more than 3 hours to be accomplished. Not good.

The age of social media is not only causing millions of dollars in wasted money but, it is also transforming humans from thinking and proactive beings into reactive and compulsive robots. Concentrating in the same task is becoming a thing of the past. People do not perform the same because of the brain damage that multi-tasking and social distractions are causing.

So, don't be another statistic. Make the difference.

Whenever you are working put that phone on silent mode and turn data off. Train your family and friends to respect your time at work. As personal interruptions distract you from what is really important at work, your mind will perform way better.

Shutting down your phone and training your closed ones to respect your productive time at work takes character and discipline. Spending time in social media during business hours takes us away from our job, creates damaging brain patterns, causes company losses, and promotes dishonesty at the work place.

Wake up early, set priorities, and shut down social media codependency during business hours. Efficiency is increased as we concentrate better at the work place.

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