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Time Mgmt #10: Wrapping it up

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

There are thousands of time management apps and ways to increase productivity. There are multiple calendars, reminders and task lists than we have the time to do something about them, however, in my experience, without an intention to change the way we spend our time little will be accomplished. We must make a decision.

Developing good time management habits increases our productivity at work and has an impact on the way we spend our time away from the office. There are few tips that I would like to share as we close this Time Management


  1. Wake up earlier. The best way to wake up earlier is by going to bed earlier.

  2. Prioritize. Do the most important thing first as early as possible. The most important and difficult needs to be done first while you have high energy

  3. Eliminate social media distractions at work.

  4. Manage interruptions wisely.

  5. Eliminate work done half-way, focus deeply and make sure that it gets done on time, the first time

  6. Track your time. No progress can be made unless we know where our time goes

  7. Stick to a schedule and build the habit to plan ahead no matter the size of the accomplishment.

Our productivity will increase as we make an intentional effort to use our time wisely. Take the time to reflect, plan and getting things done will only get better and better.

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