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Time Mgmt #7: Plan ahead

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

It is never a good thing to jump into the work day with no clear idea about what will be done the next day. It may seem that taking 5 minutes to plan is a waste of time but it isn't. Creating a plan for each day will lead you to a more profitable day.

When we plan our day wisely, we can focus on one task at a time instead of wasting time from one thing to the next. Planning helps work smarter, not harder. Depending on your personality, make either of the following options a part of your daily plan: Plan the night before: Take 10-15 minutes at the end of each day to clear your desk and make a list of the next day's most pressing tasks including the help that you may need from other coworkers. It is a great decompression technique and will provide you a clean desk in the morning.

Plan first thing in the morning: Come in a few minutes early and create your to-do list making sure that tasks are prioritized. Do this diligently, it will prove to be the most profitable part of the day.

Learning to be proactive saves lots of time, gives a sense of direction, and provides peace of mind. No self-improvement comes when we limit our work day to reacting to what comes to our desk. Being a leader starts by gaining control of what we do each day.

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