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Time Mgmt #8: Track your time

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

The pursuit of excellence requires for us to value our time. Productivity has everything to do with the way we use our time at work. We are not able to know whether we are doing a good job with our finances, or not, unless we track our expenses. The same thing happens with time. Time must be tracked the same way we track our money.

Have you asked yourself, how many productive minutes you are actually packing each week? Time tracking is extremely effective to measure exactly how much time you take on a single task.

You can track your time quickly and easily with a time sheet tracker. You can use Excel spreadsheets or by using time tracking smartphone apps for Android or Apple. A good time tracker app is TSheets Using an time tracking app allows us to generate robust, real-time reports to see exactly where we spend our most valuable asset and where it's being wasted.

Tracking the way we spend our time will lead us to learn a lot about ourselves and will help us become way more productive. Start tracking your time today.

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